There Are Travelers Among Us  LbNA # 28416 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateDec 30 2006
LocationNewport Beach, CA
Planted ByReidling Trinity    
Found By Kelsung
Last Found Feb 15 2007
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There Are Travelers Among Us

Southern California is a popular tourist destination, where millions of people come from around the world to soak-up the sun, shop at South Coast Plaza, enjoy Disneyland, and frolick in the Pacific Ocean.

Sometimes, the locals get tired of the traffic, but more often then not, both locals and visitors alike enjoy sharing the good food, warm sun, and beaches.

But are you aware of the millions of other migratory visitors who come to Newport Beach annually?

We invite you to travel among us and visit a place where tourists and locals do just that -- a special place where heaven meets earth.

Here, locals such as sandpipers, cormorants, seagulls, egrets, grey horned owls, Great Herons, pelicans, turkey vultures, and red-tailed hawks (to name just a few), welcome visiting feathered aviators like mallards, peregrin falcons, red capped bishops, American abocets, canvasbacks, cinnamon teals, Bonnapart gulls, robins, flickers, and even bald eagles to their wonderful and natural world, where now a pair of swans have taken up residence.

To find your way there, follow the clues:


Like a feathered aviator, you must come from heaven to earth, so migrate to the road that thinks it's the best; it will take you from the top of Goat Hill to the number one route along the west coast, where you'll want to glide to the north.

Fly past two different sets of dolphins, a bear, and a big belly. Turn right on the street named after the county that actually grew the fruit in groves, and where the blossoms once scented the night air.

*If you have some time and it's around lunch, let the Tradewinds blow you across the street to the best Ahi Burgers in Newport Beach... if not, continue on your way.*

Glide down the street, it will curve to the right and change names, indicating it is more appropriate to be riding in a gondala. However, flap those wings and continue past the street where a daily solar event takes place, until you come to an island.

**You'll know you're in the right place, when you see six palms. If you reach a big cement pond, in which you can swim, you've gone too far.**

Park anywhere near the island.

With back to the bluff, stand on the island and face the sea to find the hidden mystery at the end of a white path.

***If you have a dog with you, supplies are provided to the left of the white path.***

Meander down the winding white path until you come to its end. Have a seat on the lone bench -- a great place to enjoy the sunset!

Welcome to the place where heaven meets earth -- the wet lands, a murky, brackish paradise that sometimes stinks of life, and is home to a plethora of birds both local and migratory. Take a moment to see if you can identify the locals from the tourists. Be sure to look out upon the marsh for the sentries who stand so tall and regale over this lovely resort.

Look to your left. You'll see a small fence and a wood deck. Sometimes you'll even see Murphy, the Standard Poodle who lives there, but you're interested in finding that box... so spy the chain-link gate, now let your eye travel to the left along the wooden deck until you see a small dead palm in the foreground (IF!!! it's still there). Directly behind the palm is a gap where the deck sits above the ground. In the gap, tucked behind the wood is the BOX!

Enjoy your time there! It really is quite lovely, and the best time to visit is evening, especially for the bird life!