Bushy Run #2  LbNA # 28421

Ownerletterboxing kids    
Placed DateOct 30 2006
LocationHarrison City, PA
Found By orangeblssm1976
Last Found Dec 29 2010
Hike Distance?

We are a group of 3 siblings, ages 2, 4, and 6. Therefore, this letterbox is suitable for kids of all ages to find. This is our first letterbox plant. So, feel free to give us any comments on how we can improve. While here, check out our other letterbox - Bushy Run #1.
Follow the directions to Bushy Run #1. Then, continue on the path down the hill. You will pass several trees with people's initials carved into them. Then, you will enter a grove of pine trees. Look for another bench on your right, then a wooden post on your left with a #2 on it. Begin looking for a trail on your left. Take this trail up the hill. Not far up the hill, on the right, you will see two tree stumps, 1-2 feet high. At the second tree stump, there is a fallen tree laying downhill near the side of the path. Follow that downed tree to were it is laying next to a large tree. Your treasure lies in the nook between the downed tree and the large tree.
Please replace carefully, and cover with plenty of sticks and leaves. Thank you. Hope you had fun!

NOTE: This box has been moved slightly due to the tree stump rotting away.

Continue on path up hill. You will come to an intersecting path. Continue going straight. At the top of the hill, you will come to a clearing. Continue going straight across the clearing. You will pass a memorial and a flag pole. This is a great spot for a picnic or a game of tag. If you keep walking straight ahead, you will see a path in the grass made by car tires. Follow this path to your left, and it will bring you back to the road, directly across from the parking lot.