Redlands Park Series  LbNA # 28434

OwnerLee & Nancy      
Placed DateJan 20 2007
CountySan Bernardino
LocationRedlands, CA
Found By ScienceGuySteve
Last Found Jun 24 2016
Hike Distance?
Last EditedFeb 18 2016

UPDATE 02/17/2016 - ALL BOXES REPLACED. Some in new locations.
This series of mini boxes takes you through some of Redlands parks.

Box 1. Memorial
Begin at Jennie Davis Memorial Park at the corner of Redlands Blvd. and New York St. From the Memorial (Flame) go to your right along the street to the corner of the park, and continue around the corner to the left. Follow the path along the wash just across from the park. As you reach the end of the park, the path turns right, and there is a tree on your right. The box can be found behind the tree at its base under plant debris. Be very discreet.

Box 2. Zanja
Begin at Sylvan Park at the corner of University St. and Colton Ave. From in front of the California Historic Marker #43 (now just a pair of posts with a Heritage 76 sign - you can go to for information on this site) cross the stone bridge to your right to the light pole, and go left to another light pole. The box can be found 12 steps further at a corner fencepost on your right, at its base under a rock and leaves. As before, be very discreet, there are lots of watchful eyes about.

Box 3. Duck Pond
Begin at Ford Park at the corner of Parkford Dr. and Marshall St. (take Parkford off of Ford St. next to I-10). From the large rock in the Park with the Plaque dedicating the park (vandals have removed Plaque, but big rock on cement slab is still obvious), go 135 steps west to the old green flagpole (no flag). Before proceeding read the rest of the clue, and make sure you are not being watched. Line up Big rock with flagpole and continue 30 more steps a little to the right, dodging tree at 15 steps, to a pipe sticking out of the ground (was painted blue). The box can be found 3 feet further in an old tree stump under wood chips, rock, and pine needles Please re-hide in same manner.

Box 4. Theatre
Begin at Prospect Park at the corner of Cajon St. and Highland Ave. Continue up (southwest) Cajon to the large wooden park sign on the right and park along the street. Take the path behind the sign and turn left and head uphill. At the road go left along the right side of the road and take the path to the right through the opening in the split rail fence (where the road curves left). Follow the brick waterway through the orange grove to the parking lot. Cross the lot and road, by carriage house, and take the left path through the trellis archway. Follow the path to the left along the bamboo and turn right after the funny roofed building to the Avice Meeker Sewall Theatre entrance. Go to the stage side of the theatre booth and walk left behind the back row. The box is at the base of the post at the end of the concrete walk (where it meets the asphalt) under some rocks and leaves.

Box 5. Flowers
Begin at Caroline Park at the corner of Sunset Dr. and Mariposa Dr. To get there go back to Cajon and Highland and head southwest on Highland, turn left on Center St., right on Crescent Ave., left on Allesandro Rd. (past the Hillside Memorial Park), left on Sunset Dr , and left on Mariposa. Park along road at the steep left turn across from one of the park’s entrances. Take the Sunset Canyon Trail to the right (sign on right may be obscured by plant growth - but there is a Sycamore tree across trail from sign) and go 21 steps past the trail sign the next sycamore tree on your right. Continue 64 more steps to a sycamore tree on the left that appears to be straight ahead of the trail as you approach it. The box is behind the sycamore tree under rocks and leaves.