A Tasty Box #1  LbNA # 28445

Ownercharlie needs a walk      
Placed DateJan 25 2007
LocationBurke, VA
Found ByScout Mom To 2
Last UpdateFeb 16 2008


A Tasty Box #1

If you love2loaf around and have a fresh, warm, healthy snack,
take a look in here; you'll definitely be back!

Everything here is hand-made and yummy;
You won't walk out empty-handed, or with an empty tummy!

Find the usual type of "letterbox" in the shop;
then got to the shelves across from it and look there, way up top.

There's a box and a stamp and some ink up there,
take some time to stamp in and share
your thoughts about your favorite stuff
that Jules, Nicky, and their crew have cooked up.

(Try the Red, White, and Blueberry scones!!)