Kristal's Cathouse HH Hostel (new location 2/08)  LbNA # 28448

OwnerKristal & Ron    
Placed DateJan 24 2007
LocationCorona de Tucson, AZ
Found By Desert Flower
Last Found Oct 25 2015
Hike Distance?
Last EditedOct 25 2015


If you’re carrying a hitchhiker, this is a great place to trade it out for another one. If you don’t have one at the moment, stop by anyway because this box has its own stamp just like any other letterbox.

From I-10, take Exit 275 and drive south on Houghton Rd. for about 6.8 miles. Turn left (east) on Sahuarita Rd. After turning, you will immediately see on the right a blue Adopt-a-Roadway sign. Give a cheer for the hardworking caretakers of this mile! From the sign, continue east for about 0.6 miles to the intersection of Charleston Ave. and park there. From the Charleston Ave./Sahuarita Rd. street sign, walk at about 294 degrees (from mag. north) for about 50 steps across the road to a large broad multi-trunk Desert Willow Tree. The box is under the northeast side of the outer edge of the tree canopy. It is under a board hopefully still camouflaged as flat desert landscape -- the board is covered with some dirt and plant debris and there is a rock on top of all of it. People do walk through this area, so please try to re-hide the box so it looks as natural as possible.

*** PLEASE NOTE: At all times the box should contain (1) the hostel stamp and logbook, (2) six hitchhikers and their logbooks, and (3) a handful of blue rubber bracelets. ALSO: HH Hostel protocol allows for you counting each of the enclosed HHs as finds and stamping them in your logbook. However, in order to save pages for their travels, please do not add your signature stamp to all of the HH's logbooks. ***

We are advocates of the No More Homeless Pets and Spay/Neuter movements. We support the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Kanab, Utah, and the Hermitage No-Kill Cat Shelter in Tucson. Our extended family includes four former residents of the Hermitage. If your home includes a companion animal that was rescued or adopted, PLEASE TAKE A BRACELET AND WEAR IT PROUDLY!!!! You are part of the solution and we love you for it! If you have pets that were purchased from a shop or a breeder, we hope you will think better of it next time…