Down @ the CrossRoads  LbNA # 28461

OwnerGupta's scriptionari      
Placed DateJan 6 2007
LocationClarksdale, MS
Found Bylollipop (Attempted)
Last UpdateJan 16 2009


Went down to the Cross Roads...
Hwy 61 Hwy 49
Clarksdale, Mississippi

Check out the Delta Blues Museum...
Find the Stage
Behind the Stage runs RR trax...about 3 steps before the trax there is a "retaining" wall (some RR ties stacked).
When standing on the grass side of the Retaining wall...look to your Left.
At the end of the wall, under white gravel rocks, buried deep is the CrossRoads LetterBox.

Enjoy some Great Blues while you're there.
Don't forget lunch @ Ground Zero...very tasty!

Happy Letterboxing!