Palms Palms Palms  LbNA # 28467

Placed DateJan 26 2007
LocationJacksonville, NC
Found By Blue Pelican
Last Found Feb 3 2007
Hike Distance?

**Clues updated due to renovations at the site**

Make sure you are not standing under this Jacksonville sign at practice time!
From there think, Matt Damon charecter meets Red Cross mobile. Then stay straight untill you see the sun set and turn Right.
When you see you mama Dora be sure to wave, she'll be giving you a hi-five!!
Ahhh.... I see palms in your future... two of them..
La la la and Ha ha ha.... turn in at the first palm tree and park.
Off to the right you will see a grouping of small sword palm bushes. Lean against the Alexander Graham Bell tree and look into the three palms directly in front of you....
The box is nestled in between them!

Caution... I have been told they are not called "sword palms" for nothing!!