Walk'in the Park #2  LbNA # 28468

Placed DateJan 26 2007
LocationJacksonville, NC
Found By bahama97
Last Found Jul 1 2007
Hike Distance?

*Make sure you have your walking shoes on.. this is a walking hunt for 5 boxes total stroll is close to three miles. All paved areas and kid friendly!
Can be done by car, but more enjoyable if walking!!

Start your journey where Close Encountes meets GI Joe.
From the flag pole Anne will show you up a hill.
Fisherman will tell you this is a great place to launch a boat, but it's other information you seek!

Look for the place that was built 36 years after the year "we took a little trip along with Col. Jackson down the mighty Missisip".

Walk up some steps and then up some more, move off to the Left and around to the front steps... under the left side a box rests.