Hey! Let's Go to Cedarock!  LbNA # 28487 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJan 27 2007
LocationBurlington, NC
Planted ByShi eh ree    
Found By masterpiece
Last Found Oct 20 2007
Hike Distance?

Cedarock park is located 6 miles south of I-85 (exit 145) off of Highway 49. Park hours are from 8:00 AM to dusk, unless otherwise posted.

This park has something for everyone, and it is easy to spend a day here.

Box 1: Flying Saucers
When I first moved to NC, Cedarock park was the first place I went hiking. As I entered the park, I noticed these odd poles with chains. I just couldn't figure out what they were for. This was my first exposure to disk golf. Box 1 was inspired by the disk golf course you find at Cedarock, and is the only hand carved stamp of this series

Drive in the park, past the restroom building and locate the sign that says Trail Information. Turn right and park there. Walk to the sign displaying the hiking distances and trail map. You'll be taking the Yellow trail. Follow the Yellow trail signs, making sure to turn left at the T intersection (if you turn right, you'll be on the Blue trail).

Keep following the Yellow trail markers through the woods, the trail is well worn and gnarly with roots. When you reach the Mill site, take a couple of minutes to rest and take in the sight and sound of the waterfall. To the right of the trail you'll see a very large rock. 27 paces down the trail is a U shaped tree. 12 paces beyond that is another group of rocks. Your treasure is tucked in a crevice by a slender tree, marked with a forked branch. At this point, you can retrace your steps back along the Yellow trail, or continue on to Box # 2

Box 2: A Great Bundle
Continue going forward, following the Yellow trail markers, passing an octagon, and crossing a stream. The path is easier here, if you don't decide to do some situps. Turn toward the mill and you'll make good time to the informational signs. Keep walking ahead, and on through the grassy area, and cross another bridge. Take the uphil trail to the platforms in the sky. To your left, you'll see a fallen split tree. At its base is your second treasure.

Note: Do not climb on any of the ropes course.

Return to the trail and continue uphill until you reach the shed. Turn right and you are back on the Yellow trail, returning the way you came. When you reach the T intersection, continue straight onto the Blue trail. This will lead you to Box #3

Box 3: Hearts? Flowers?
Valentine's Day was right around the corner when this series was started, so I decided to have one stamp dedicated to "Love". Whether romantic love or love of nature is up for you to decide. Walk on the Blue trail until you see the marker indicating the Red trail. Turn onto the Red trail and walk to the campsite with a fire ring. Stand on the side of the ring, opposite the fallen trees and facing away from them. 14 paces will take you to the edge of a small hollow. Find the rock. Under the branch next to it, you'll find the next box. This one is very small, so if your stamp is large, just sign your name.

You can then retrace your steps back down the Red trail, then the Blue and back to the Yellow trail.

More boxes will be added to this series in the near future.