Twin Sons Of Different Mothers  LbNA # 28517

Placed DateJan 29 2007
LocationHuntersville, NC
Found By DANDROW 5
Last Found Jun 7 2009
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Twin Sons Of Different Mothers

To reach the Preserve, If traveling North on I-77 Exit 16B, Sunset Road West, to Beatties Ford Road. Turn Right and proceed north for 4.8 miles until you reach Sample Road. Turn left onto Sample Road and continue 1 mile to the preserve entrance. If traveling South on I-77 Exit 23, Huntersville. Turn right off of the exit onto Gilead Road. Take the third left, McCoy Road. At the stop sign, turn right onto Beatties Ford Road. Turn Left onto Sample Road and continue 1 mile to preserve entrance.


Once in Latta Preserve, you might want to stop at the Nature Center and pick up a trail map. Or take a look at the map in the display case.

Head into the park , travel down to North Canoe Access parking lot..
Find Piedmont Prairie Trail.... Enjoy

Back , Back, many years ago a local family came out for a weekend camping trip at Latta Plantation. They brought all the their camping gear, including a canoe and bikes. That evening they set up camp and the tent while Dad rustled up a roaring campfire. Mom prepared the evening meal.

The twin boys, Pete and Re-Pete, fished along the Catawba River and aggravated the local wildlife...{boys will be boys}.
As kids do, they became bored with not catching the BIG fish and soon wondered off into the woods for fun and mischief. Before you know it, the sun was setting low and Mom and Dad got dinner ready and noticed the twins had vanished. Mama, as Mamas do, was becoming very upset at the sun setting and the children missing.

So, guys and gals of the letterboxing community, lets
see if we can help this poor family find their missing
children.....Time is short: lets get moving!!!


Head down Piedmont Prairie Trail in to the woods. When coming to bridge number one, look around carefully for any signs of the missing younguns...
Holler for them, holler for the kids. PETE , RE-PETE. If you don't see them keep on the trail to bridge number two. SEARCHING intently for any signs of the boys, { shoes , socks, etc.} continue past the eight trunked tree toward bridge number three.. Have you hollered for them lately?
Just before you get to bridge number three there will be a two foot stump coming out of the ground on the left {look down} From that point walk 21 steps, left from this stump to the tree with a large split at its base....

Under all the leaves and twigs you shall find the first missing son. Pete.

THe Mom and Dad are ever so grateful for your help.
{Please stamp in and replace back in the tree, cover well with leaves}

Now on to his brother Re-Pete.... I hope it is not too late.

Continue across the third bridge and begin counting the yellow trail blazes.
As you are counting these blazes {six in all}look for a "V" carved in a tree on the right. Hmmmm, could this be a clue from Re-Pete???? Let's hope so. Take heart , I think we are close. At the sixth blaze, look to your right for an open ended tree three feet or so off the ground. Inside this end is what you seek
"RE-PETE" YEAH!!!!!!

Congratulations. Letterboxer: You guys have come through again with flying colors...... A FAMILY RE UNITED!!!!
Remember , dinner was cooked, let's go back the way we came and have supper.