Follow the Music  LbNA # 28527

Placed DateJan 29 2007
LocationGreensboro, NC
Found By Satis Human
Last Found Nov 27 2009
Hike Distance?

I am located at one of the many universities in the area. The school where you will find me was established in 1891 as an all girls school, now also known as home of the spartans, is located right near downtown Greensboro. To find me take the street named after our founder and park in the parking lot between the School of Music and a parking garage. Looking west from the parking lot you will see steps going down followed by a path. Head down the stairs and take the path into the Elizabeth Herring Garden. Follow the brick path to the right to the middle of the garden. Take a few minutes to relax and admire the garden. To the left you will see a paved path going down under the metal bridge. Follow this path until you come to a wooden brigde. Right before crossing the wooden bridge look toward your right and you will see some bamboo growing under the bridge. Follow the line of rocks on the hill towards the bamboo. Be careful not to slip on the leaves or loose rocks. You will see three small trees growing out from the rocks. Look by the roots of the third tree and hidden between some rocks you will find your treasure. While your there be sure to take a look around the campus and maybe attend a concert or game. GO SPARTANS!