Walk'in the Park #7  LbNA # 28538

Placed DateJan 30 2007
LocationJacksonville, NC
Found By Sneaky Sneaks
Last Found Feb 25 2007
Hike Distance?

After finding box #6 leave the parking lot and follow road to the Left, to the first light and make a left.
Stay on this street, (notice what is painted on the road?! )
Until you go around a sharp right turn then make your first left and go to the end of the street.
Find a nice bench to sit on and rest for a moment.
Off to your right you may see Noah’s family and a restaurant where only fisherman see food despite what the sign says!!
Ahhh,,, but straight ahead of you what is that you see...
Don't just sit there, get in your car and go see!!

Hummm... could this be Savannah?
I hope you brought Dundee or at least a camera !

From a safe distance watch the tree stump for it's inhabitants... from a safe distance!!

Allow the moss to grow under your feet as you survey the area. You might notice an odd trio of trees off to the Right. Nestled between them is a box covered with moss!

Please be sure to cover well!!

Watch out for Carolinas rapidly growing reptilian!!

Congratulations... you have found the last box in the Walk'in the Park series!!