February Holiday Series  LbNA # 28545

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Placed DateFeb 1 2007
LocationJacksonville, TX
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***all of these boxes were replaced/checked 1/14/2012***

This is the February holiday series. These boxes are a tribute to some of the wonderful traditional holidays and one or two not so traditional holidays in the month of February. What better location for the boxes from the sweethearts month than Love's Lookout. To get there from Jacksonville, head north on Highway 69. The park is located 3.5 miles north of Alexander Street, or Highway 175 in Jacksonville. You will see a sign that reads REST

Park in front of the main building. With your back to the Blue Star Memorial, turn right (north) and walk along the sidewalk to the northernmost picnic pavilion. From the
north corner of this pavilion, walk 11 steps to an opening in the wall. Walk down these steps. Walk three steps and you will see a small post and a divided path.

Groundhog Day (February 2nd)
To get to the box, take the path to the left down a hill to a T intersection. At the T go right down the hill. You will see a post with a black stripe on it about 3 feet tall on your right. Stop at the post and look to your left for a tall cedar tree. The groundhog is looking for his shadow behind the cedar tree.

Lincoln’s Birthday ( February 12, 1809)
To get to the second box, follow the path of posts as guides. On your right you will see a tree with an elbow bend. Look for a multi trunk tree on your left. It will have a hollowed out trunk. Honest Abe is lurking behind this tree.

Valentine’s Day Moose (February 14th)
Continue down the path following your guide posts until you see a large pile of rocks/concrete on your right. The moose is waiting for you with your valentine behind these rocks between 2 pines that have a fallen log beside them.

Washington’s Birthday (February 22, 1732)
To proceed with the holiday trail. Continue on the path of posts for a short distance until you see a BIG tree with 2 large branches. (It is hard to miss) George is working on his wooden teeth at the base of that tree under a small knot hole under a rock.

International Polar Bear Day (February 27th)
Continue on the trail to the end of the trail (it will drop off to a road). Stop at the last post. Look to your right for a small 2 trunk tree. The polar bears are playing behind the tree.

Be careful of snakes. Hope you have a wonderful month of holidays in February.