Hike in VA  LbNA # 2855

Placed DateApr 18 2001
LocationCenterville, VA
Planted ByLadybug (Kathy)    
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Hikein VA 2 reports of MIA July 02
Placed April 28, 2001,
Bull Run Regional Park
Centerville, VA, Fairfax County

With an hour to wait before the start of a soccer game at Bull Run Park, I introduced myself to the Bull Run-Occoquan Trail. This 17.5 mile trail, along the Occoquan Reservoir, rises over steep wooded hillsides, winds through deep ravines and crosses many streams. The first two miles in was an easy walk, with many spots to stop and
enjoy the scenery and sounds of the lively streams and the creaking trees! A favorite book of my daughter Riana when she was little was the Berenstain Bears Spooky Old Tree. These woods are full of "spooky old trees," one more interesting than the one before.
Some are so tall and full of unusual growths, and unless my imagination was playing tricks on me, do make spooky, creaking sounds.

30 minutes in, with the same amount of time to hike back out in time for the game, did not offer many possibilities to find a good spot for the HikeinVA Letterbox. The ground and trees, and stumps were crawling with poison ivy. Each spot which looked good was
inaccessible due to that nasty plant! I was, however, determined to leave the first of what I hoped to be many more along this lovely trail. It'll have to wait until the ivy's not so prolific.

With a little caution, this box can be retrieved without fear of breaking out in itchy bumps.

I placed it on my way back out in a tree trunk which is split in the front forming an upside-down "V". Heading back to my starting point, having walked over 6 wooden stepping boards set into the trail, I spied a vine-less trunk on the left-hand side, not far off the trail. You'll find the HikeinVA Letterbox resting in the "V" split trunk, kept in place by two heavy limbs.

Including Bull Run Regional Park, there are four additional access points along this 17.5 mile trail, which looks well worth additional exploration. If there are any Northern Virginia hikers/boxers out there willing to spot cars with me to hike the trail, drop me a note off list.