Sibyl's Stash  LbNA # 28558 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJan 6 2007
LocationVestavia Hills, AL
Planted ByMisterSnarky    
Found By Ladymouse
Last Found Feb 20 2007
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Sibyl's Stash

Sibyl Temple
Shades Crest Rd At Montgomery Hwy
Vestavia Hills, AL (United States)

This letterbox is at the Sibyl Temple. For information, see:
(toga optional)

The Temple of Sibyl gazebo is located on a knoll of Shades Mountain at the north entrance to the City of Vestavia Hills where Shades Crest Road and the Montgomery Highway (US31) intersect.

To get to this leterbox travel on US Highway 31 SOUTHBOUND about one mile south of the Lakeshore Drive exit (up the steep mountain past Brookwood Hospital).

The Sibyl Temple will be on your right, with an easily accessible parking lot.

Once you have arrived at the park go up to the Temple and stand beneath the center of Sibyl's dome.

From there measure 210 degrees and go 16 steps to the small place of honor for Kathy and Bill Bishop's marriage.

At the Bishop's brick measure 340 degrees. Subtract 30 from the number of of years Kathy and Bill have been married and take that many steps to "Disce Pati."

At "Disce Pati" measure 224 degrees and go 20 steps to "Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Scrushy 1991."

Go down the stairs to the 14th stairstep. On your right beside your feet "Sibyl's Stash" is in a small crevice under the rock and hidden by three smaller rocks.

The park is closed at night.

Bring a compass and your own ink and a pen. Please re-hide well and be discreet.