Sleeping Under the Bridge  LbNA # 28559 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJan 6 2007
LocationHomewood, AL
Planted ByMisterSnarky    
Found By willys ranch 4
Last Found Mar 18 2010
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Sleeping Under the Bridge

Lakeshore Trail (Homewood Shades Creek Greenway)
Brookwood Vlg At Brookwood Blvd
Homewood, AL (United States)

This was the first stamp I ever carved. If you really, really like shoddy, sloppy stamps, this box is dedicated just for you!

This letterbox is sleeping under the bridge of Highway 31 along the "Lakeshore Trail" (also called Shades Creek Greenway).

Some information about the trail:

Park in the parking lot for Cameras Brookwood at the intersection of Brookwood Boulevard and Brookwood Village Mall complex. Cross the street at the crosswalk to enter the trail.

Continue a short distance down the trail until you are standing directly beneath Highway 31. The trail runs east and west.

The letterbox is hidden on the NORTH side of the trail underneath the Northbound lane of Highway 31.

There is a scraggly bush in front of the inside pillar holding up the Northbound lane of the highway. The box is underneath that bush hidden by two rocks and a small log.

The trail is intended for use during daytime hours, as is posted on the rules.

Bring your own ink and a pen. Please re-hide well and be discreet.