Ranna, The Sleeper  LbNA # 28569 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerSporky Rat    
Placed DateFeb 1 2007
LocationClinton, MS
Found By BlueWingTheel
Last Found Mar 8 2008
Hike Distance?

To find Ranna, you've got to find the Nature Center first. These directions can get you there. Trust me, it's not as hard to find as you may think.

Once you've pulled into the Nature Center, take some time to admire the buildings, the plants and the lovely gravel you've got to park on. Make sure to visit Price Hall if it's open and if it's not, do leave a donation at the box and pick up a map. You'll be glad you did. This box is not easy to find, and I'm the one that hid it!

Head off on the first trail you see, but avoid The Last Rainforest. Remember, no bikes, no dogs, no smoking.

When you hit a three pronged fork in the road, don't turn around! Go left, young man, left to France and Lepidoptera. When you pass the Skool, make a visit if it's not closed due to the Sinister Cistern.

Keep going! Keep going! You'll be late for a very important date with the Lepidoptera Order. Follow the Bridge Over Troubled Water to your next three pronged Fork. Hang a right onto Monarch Trail. Admire the lovely Butterfly Garden and learn the name of that scrubby bush that grows everywhere - a Groundsel!

Mr Jackson probably slept just like this...except not as nice. Oh! Look! A Trail! To your Right! Let's follow it!

Fair warning, the trail by Mr Jackson's Lean-To is slippery when wet. Very slippery. Rather like Mr Jon Bon Jovi's third album.

Here's where it gets interesting. Find the Stairway to Heaven on the left and the Giant's Pick Up Sticks on the right. From there, sixty paces to the Octopus Cedar on the right. Thirty paces more and you've found Four Trees in a Row With a Knob on your right! Ranna is sweetly sleeping behind the tree on the very end in a little nook at the base of the Tree With A Very Big Nobby Knob
Please remember to cover her back up, as sleeping in the great out of doors can be cold.