Fountain Place Fish  LbNA # 28578 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateFeb 2 2007
LocationBurlington, NC
Found By Shi eh ree
Last Found Aug 19 2007
Hike Distance?

Burlington, NC, which is located in Alamance County, has a rich history. Alamance County, founded in 1849, gets its name from a local Native American word for the blue mud which is prevalent in some of the area creeks and streams. Today, Alamance County is the home of more than 120,000 people who live in growing communities, as well as rural areas.

The Burlington Historic District is made up of 154 houses and buildings which represent an era of growth and prosperity that began around 1880 and continued into the 1930's. In the area of West Davis and West Front Streets and Fountain Place exists an impressive cross section of 20th century residential architecture, consisting of Colonial Revival, Victorian, American Four Square, and many other architectural styles of the period. This residential area is listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

Directions: Take Exit 143 off I-85/40. Go north (left) on Alamance Road. Take a right onto Church Street. Take a left onto Fountain place.

Hint: Located in the center of Fountain Place is a beautiful flowing fountain that contains a pool full of goldfish. Make sure to bring some bread crumbs and stop to feed the fish, they love it!!

From the fountain, begin walking towards the large median in which the road forks (in the direction of Church Street). In the center of this grassy median is a running brook. The brook enters the median through one under-the-road water way and exits through another. Go to the one in which the water exits. Look for your treasure on the right side of the little tunnel, in a hole, in the bank.

Please make sure you cover it back with leaves to keep it hidden from view.

This can be a high traffic area so if you have pets or children with you, please be careful.