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Camp Ketcha Letterbox #1  LbNA # 28579

Placed DateDec 1 2006
LocationScarborough, ME
Planted ByKetcha Camper    
Found By Teacup
Last Found Sep 16 2007
Hike Distance?

Camp Ketcha Letterbox #1

Camp Ketcha is located at 336 Black Point Road, at the intersection with Route 77, also called Spurwink Road, in Scarborough, Maine.

Here's the link to Camp Ketcha's website:

This letterbox is designed to be an easy family-oriented letterbox experience.

To find Camp Ketcha Letterbox #1:

- Park in the Camp Ketcha parking lot.

- Find the kiosk.

- Go to the place where Buckminster Fuller would live and the pendulum swings for fun.

- Face the place where Camp Ketcha's only overnight staff live. Walk 50 paces.

- Turn left and go to the stairway to nowhere.

- Walk to the Camp Ketcha sign with the Dunkin Donuts logo.

- Follow that trail until you find a red place for relief.

- Turn left and follow the trail until you find a tiny red house off to the right.

- Face the window and look under.

Once you've found our letterbox, please stamp our book with your stamp and stamp your book with our stamp. Then return the items to the box and close it tightly. Return the box to exactly where you found it so it is ready for the next visit.

Happy Letterboxing!