A Pillar in Time along the River.  LbNA # 28582 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJan 27 2007
LocationWest Sacramento, CA
Found By Da Kool Kats
Last Found Aug 18 2007
Hike Distance?

There’s a little spot I know along river. A tall white marble pillar sits alone marking the memory of a long forgotten disaster. The year was 1856 and the tragedy was that of the Steamer Belle. It's sad and brief story is etched still in the old and much worn stone. If you find it difficult to read, I have included it in the box I have placed directly behind the pillar under an old piece of asphalt. Please take a moment to find my little spot; it’s a quiet and forgotten moment in the history of Sacramento

How to get there: Take a slow drive, walk or ride along Old River Rd. on the opposite side of the Sacramento River's Garden Highway. If you start in West Sacramento, around I street and follow Harbor Blvd till it turns into Old River Road you find my pillar in about 7 miles. The road starts in a business district and ending along a nice river road.

This is Box 1 of the Little Spot I Know