Duck  LbNA # 28586 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateFeb 2 2007
LocationSimi Valley, CA
Found By JoKeNeR
Last Found Feb 19 2007
Hike Distance?


****This letterbox seems to be MIA as of 4/11/07. Haven't had time to confirm but have gotten a few emails saying they couldn't find it. Will replace but I'm not sure when.****

First letterbox in Simi Valley! WoooooHooooo!!

The box is located at Ranch Simi Park on the corner of Royal and Erringer.
This is an easy walk, well suited for young children.
There is a duck pond so bring some food to feed the ducks, we found that they enjoy Cheerios.

To get to the park take the 118 freeway exit Erringer and head south on Erringer. The park will be on your right hand side on the corner of Royal and Erringer.

There are a few parking lots at this park.
If you park in the Erringer lot, walk in to park on the right side of the tennis courts. Look for the picnic tables set up on the grass towards the right. Find the water flowing out of the rocks.

If you park in the Royal parking lot then enter the park and head north east towards Erringer. Go past the pavillion and past the small playground and find the water flowing from the rocks.

Follow the water down the hill towards the pond.
Take some time to feed the ducks. After your done start walking around the edge of the pond, either to the right or to the left.

You will eventually pass through a pole and cable fence.

When you walk through the fence you'll see a dirt path through some grass and trees.

Follow the path till you come to a large drainage pipe.

Climb the hill up past the drainage pipe to the hard dirt walk path.

Turn right and start walking down the path.

You'll pass some chain link fencing on your left, keep walking.

You'll pass some large black rocks on your left.

Then you'll come to a concrete ledge on your left side.

At the beginning of the ledge look for a tan/beige rock.

Under the rock you will find what your looking for!

When your done please replace box and hide well.

Head back towards the pond and finish walking around.