Scrabble Scramble  LbNA # 28605

Placed DateFeb 3 2007
LocationColumbia, MO
Found By MO UR4Me
Last Found Feb 1 2012
Hike Distance?


This multibox adventure was created for the Mid-MO Winter Gathering of Games held in Columbia, Missouri on 2-3-2007. It was an entry into a board game theme-based contest created by Lnd-Crzr in which everyone created a box dedicated to their favorite game. Mine of course is scrabble.

For those who could not attend the gathering do not fret, the hunt has changed forms slightly from the original indoor version and is now in its final form and planted firmly in the wild for your hunting enjoyment. The box is located along a less used part of the Katy Trail just north of Huntsdale. The series contains nine boxes in all and although they are all very close to each other it will take time to play my scrabble game, so plan accordingly. I recommend making an afternoon of it, riding down the Katy from Rocheport and bringing a light lunch to eat while solving the ciphers. Speaking of which, be sure you are familiar with how to decode a KEYWORD SHIFT cipher before taking on this challenge. You can look at some of my other boxes for an explanation of how to solve this cipher or you can contact me and I can send you some quick pointers. Like scrabble this scramble is for the mind so be prepared to think. You can hide your bikes off the trail behind the brush when you embark on the game.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This box has been placed on PRIVATE land abutting the Katy Trail. Permission has been granted by the landowners for this letterbox series, but please use the utmost discretion when entering and leaving the trail and try not to be seen by anyone, even the landowners. Keep your noise to a minimum so as not to arouse notice from passersby on the trail and above. Also, try to leave no trace. If there are signs of a trail developing, please take another path to reduce the footprint left behind by letterboxers. Whatever you do, please DO NOT climb or scramble on these cliffs. The chossy relics were man made and small pieces are constantly crashing down. Use extra caution at the base of the cliff and always be watchful for falling rock. Please take any boxes you find near the base of the crumbling walls several yards away when logging in. I had to overcome wasps and a set of three snakes (garters) while planting the series, so always be careful as you dig among the rocks for other critters. Now if you think you are up for the challenge here are the clues to the starting box. Good luck and happy boxing.

South of the bridge crossing Terrapin Creek (about 1/4 mile) you will find Jack's bench. Across the trail from the bench and to the right is a private drive entrance to the Katy Trail marked as the Terrapin Hills Farm. Walk north down the trail from Jack's bench. As you walk notice the barb wired fence on you right, behind it a cliff looms out of the forest. Just after passing this cliff (about 115 paces from the bench) notice the huge wooden H marking a break in the fence. From the northern post of the H, look due north to a smaller cliff face tucked up a small rise above the trail. You must cross a small drainage ditch and scramble up a short incline so pick the path of least resistance and head to the middle of the hidden wall. Near the middle of the wall a short log angles up toward the base. From the bottom of this log, continue north along the base of the cliff. Be sure to count the grapevines but only count those running up the cliff face. As the cliff begins to shorten, look to the left of the 4th and final grapevine. Under some guardian stones lies the starting point for your scramble. Be sure to read the INSTRUCTIONS and LOGBOOK VERY WELL. Allow your self ample time to log in to all the boxes and take ample notes. There is no telling what you may need to decipher the clues to the final box's hiding spot.

Please rebag and rehide everything well. There are plenty of loose rocks lying around to ensure complete coverage. Last but not least use much discretion in reentering the trail. Last please contact the placer and let me know how your game went. I hope you enjoy this melding of two of my favorite pasttimes.