March Madness  LbNA # 28631

OwnerStorm Crow    
Placed DateFeb 4 2007
LocationFairhaven, WA
Found By Guess Whoo
Last Found Jul 5 2010
Hike Distance?

March Madness Letterbox is designed to celebrate the upcoming NCAA basketball tournaments. It is a rather impromptu box as I threw it together quickly with what I had on hand. It is also everyone's chance to 'crow' about their team. When you log in the book with your image go ahead and name your favorite team(s) and explain why on the second page. Or if you dislike watching sports go ahead and write the reasons down! Please keep comments to one page after using the prior page for your personal stamp (as the logbook is rather short).

Hike length: short but with some up and down
Hitch hiker friendly: yes, if small
Handcarved: yes, by stormcrow (logbook made by Jealous Moon)
Clues: Easy

Directions: Drive south on Chuckanut Drive (as if heading to Larabee) then turn left on Samish Drive. Shortly after (.1 mile) park on the right at the sign for Arroyo Park. Head to the right as the trail initially parallels the road but then turn left and head down hill. You very quickly come to a trail marker and turn right (sign reads; .1 mile Chuckanut Drive. You will be going downhill and will pass a large concrete footing on the left that is covered in moss with a crown of ferns... it just needs a pair of eyes to look spooky. At on near the bottom (muddy in the rain) there is an unmarked trail juncture. Turn to the left and then the trail veers to the right. You come nearly immediately to a long mossy log on the ground parallel to the trail on your left. Standing near the beginning of this log (the narrow end), you will see another larger, older log behind that is bent in half at a shallow angle. On one half of this log is a wonderful example of a 'nursery' log with three younger trees growing out of it. The box is behind and under the last of these three trees under some rotted wood debris.

Please tread lightly in this area. Try not to walk where someone has gone before and as always rehide better than you found it.

Sorry that I didn't include a first finders prize but I will try to do that the next time I hide a box in your wonderful area. It is a hiker's paradise in the Bellingham area!