New! Improved! Stone Creek Trail  LbNA # 28653

Placed DateFeb 4 2007
LocationIdyllwild, CA
Planted Bypunky    
Found By Kelsung
Last Found Aug 27 2012
Hike Distance?

From Idyllwild, take Highway 243 north to the Stone Creek Campground. They charge a five dollar day use fee- you can pay at the iron ranger or at the State Park ranger station in Idy. Drive the campground loop to the former space 15 and park in one of the new, improved, ADA compliant parking spaces. Start up the new, improved, ADA compliant nature trail, where it starts to the left of the parking spot.

The trail will split near the top of the slope. Take the left fork to a lovely, all-new overlook. Notice the beautifully crafted rockwork supporting the trail as you approach the overlook. Enjoy the view- in the afternoons, you can usually see the ocean from here and enjoy the clatter of woodpeckers in the pines. Have a snack.

Now, back to that rockwork. Leave the trail and walk to the cedar log lying perpendicular to the north end of the rock retaining wall. Standing at the end of that log, look to the twin pine tree. It will point you to the location of the letterbox. X marks the spot!

**note** this campground is closed Nov 1- March 1, but the trail is still accessible by parking on the adjacent USFS and walking in.
**note 2** the trail is fully ADA, but the location of the letterbox itself is not. Sorry.