Agua Caliente Park  LbNA # 28661 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateFeb 3 2007
LocationTucson, AZ
Planted BySaoirse    
Found By Simple Dreamer
Last Found May 2 2009
Hike Distance?

Difficulty: Easy
Hand Carved Stamp: Yes
First Finder Certificate: Yes
Artwork for the stamp done by Towanda of Phoenix. Carved by me.

Agua Caliente Park is located at Roger Rd. and Soldier Trail Rd. in NE Tucson. To get to the box, start at the NW end of the parking lot. Take the northern most paved path west toward the Rose Cottage. Cross over the bridge between the yellow railing and walk through the tree tunnel until you come to a park map to the south and a park bench to the north. From the west end of the bench there is a large mesquite tree at 290 degrees magnetic. There is a path that goes around the back of the tree at 310 degrees. Take this path behind the tree and you will find the box in an alcove on the north side under some rocks.

As always please be discreet and rehide well. We recommend using a stamp pad for this stamp, rather than markers due to the nature of the carving. Please record your find at LBNA or Atlas Quest so we can keep up on the status of our box. Happy hunting!