a new hampshire lily finds a home in new mexico  LbNA # 28668

Placed DateAug 29 2006
CountySan Juan
Locationbloomfield, NM
Found By sunnystrandi
Last Found Apr 7 2012
Hike Distance?

thank you goes out to cindy and her girl scout troop 1584 (the royal tree sniffers) for carving and replacing this box.

my daughter, sweet pea, and i found this fantastic site during our trip to the west. the salmon falls museum and research center is a wealth of information. on the property is an original 11th century chacoan great house and a 19th century homestead. there are also replicas of a sweatlodge, hogans, tipis, and a pithouse, which are open for your exploring. they offer guided tours as well as the option of wandering the ruins on your own. for the purposes here i highly suggest you explore on your own!

find the salmon ruins museum and research library in bloomfield.

drive down through the gate and park in the visitor parking area. explore what is here and then follow the trail that leads towards the ruins. when reaching #20 go to the path on your right. at the very end follow the wire to the bushes. at the post in the bushes, behind rocks, is what you are looking for.

please be very very discreet. this can be a very busy place and the ground workers do a good job keeping things neat and tidy.