AH-1 Cobra  LbNA # 28676

Placed DateFeb 5 2007
LocationClark, NJ
Found By The Newlyweds
Last Found Nov 6 2009
Hike Distance?
Last EditedNov 17 2015

AH-1 Cobra

Location: elboN & senraB
1180 Raritan Rd

Parkway Exit 135. Find the place that sells cheap books and legally addictive stimulants.

When entering the store, go left towards the cafe and walk towards the rear of the store in the direction of the rest rooms. Look at the large square floor-to-ceiling posts all in a row as you go past the children's section. Go to the back of the store where the large books are. This is the only place that has deep, heavy shelves.

Near the rest rooms are two posts quite near each other. They are part of a row of shelving with four posts separating them. Go down the row (not the end row, but the first row in) to the shelves just to the left of the third post.

Currently this is the knitting books, but who knows what will be shelved there in years to come? A hide-a-key microbox is stuck to the inside under the top shelf (reach up and right) adjacent to the post. You can't really see it, you need to feel around with your left hand crossing your body and your palm reaching up, in, and back toward you at face level. A very short person might not be able to reach it.

The carving is of the helicopter on the front lawn of the VFW hall in Clark on Westfield Ave.