New Lido  LbNA # 28684 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateFeb 7 2007
LocationSarasota, FL
Found By Branica
Last Found Dec 17 2008
Hike Distance?

Unfortunately, this box is not there any longer. We don't know why. We will try to locate another one next season.

From downtown Sarasota, take bridge to St. Armands Circle. Drive around circle (carefully!) to 9 o'clock, sign for Lido Beach, turn right there. Go straight to beach (a few blocks) and where road turns left go straight into small parking lot. If this lot is full, park along road and walk over to beach. Turn right and walk NW to the path on the inside of the beach (not right at the water line but in the area of beach grasses etc.). Walk along path until you reach a bench on the left. Just before the bench there is a path to the right. Take this path into the "woods," (this is North Lido Park which is being revitalized). Turn left and walk along wide dirt/sand road (no vehicles allowed) QUITE A WAYS! ( you will see a Beach Access sign - keep going toward beach) until you reach a bench on the right side (after several curves and turns). Depending on the season look for blue morning glory flowers that may be in bloom along the ground before you reach the bench. Sit on the bench. Look left and you will see a large Australian pine tree (about 3 trucks together). It is about 28 adult paces from the bench. You will find the box in a hole at the bottom of the tree where it branches with a broken truck piece. WARNING - Use caution as there may be red ants. Use a stick to find the box and pull it out. After you are finished stamping and returning box, keep walking until you reach the gorgeous beach. Notice the powdery white sand and walk back along the water. This is the same sand as the renown sugar sand at Siesta Key but thankfully this beach is less crowded. Enjoy both the "real" Florida and its vegetation and the beach.
Update: I couldn't find the box yesterday (4/10/2009). I am going back this month sometime to search again. If anyone has seen it since January, please let me know.