Big Dead Tree  LbNA # 2869

Placed DateDec 31 2001
LocationSummerduck, VA
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Big Dead Tree
LOCATION: Summerduck, Va.

This box is located in the C.F.Phelps Wildlife Management Area just past Summerduck, Va. Take the FALMOUTH/WARRENTON exit off of Interstate 95 and follow the signs for WARRENTON (Rt. 17 North). After about 10 miles of driving, you'll cross the Stafford/Faquier County line. Drive about two more miles then start watching for the signs for Sumerduck (Rt 651).Turn left onto Rt. 651 and head towards Sumerduck. Drive about 5 miles then start looking on the LEFT for the entrance to the area (Easy to see since it's flanked by two fairly large white brick structures). Pull in through the gate and drive...and drive..and drive...(it's a gravel road and it takes a bit of paitence to get there).

Follow the signs that lead you to the parking area for the fishing pond. Park your car in the parking area and head across the field down to the pond. When you get to the pond, turn RIGHT and follow the edge of the pond until you hit a gravel service road. Notice along the way the beaver gnawed trees...these guys were ambitous!! The walk along the pond is weedy but easy.

Once you get to the service road, turn LEFT and follow the service road around the end of the pond. About the time you get to the place where the road goes away from the pond you'll see the back of a triangular safety sign (Indicating where hunting is not allowed). From the sign walk 240 paces up the hill (Since everyone's pace is different...this should put you right at the spot where the trail sort-of levels off). Look to your LEFT and you'll see a large dead tree. It'll be a little hard to see at first because you'll be looking at it end-on (If you have trouble finding it, walk into the woods on the left side of the trail and look around. It's a pretty big tree laying perpendicular to the service road..fairly easy to pick out). The box is stuck in the roots at the "bottom" end of the tree. The root is about 3-4 feet across and has various hiding places, it may take a minute or two to find the box.
This is a fairly quite, untraveled location, you should be able to sit down and stamp in peace.

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