Special Girls Reunion One  LbNA # 28697

Placed DateFeb 8 2007
CountyGrays Harbor
LocationHoquiam, WA
Planted BySpecialGirls    
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S. G. R. 1

Special Girls Reunion 1-Princess Special

Once upon a time there was a letterbox. Her name was
Princess "Special." (Pronounce "Special" as if you are trying to explain that she is mental). She was
soaring on the back of a flying horse, when suddenly
a giant wind came by and threw her off. At first
she didn't know what had happened to her. Once she
had collected herself, she looked around for
landmarks, trying desperately to find out where she
was. She knew she was in Hoquiam, WA. She could
tell she was lying in sand and she heard several
children laughing and playing around her. As she
continued to get her bearings a bright red fire
truck exploded out of a building close by. As it rushed by, it led her eyes to something she hadn't noticed before. She was lying at the base of a street sign that said "Ontario" one way and "Pacific" the other. She could also make out a stop sign at the top of the pole. She decided that it meant she should stop and wait for Prince
Charming to come and save her. Will you be that
Prince and save Princess "Special"?


As the time passed and children played, Princess
"Special" eventually became completely buried.

As of 2008, she has been completely lost to the sands of time. Her Prince has not come and we think she may have been banished to the land where there is NO happily ever after! Thanks for reading about her tragedy!