Ponce de Leon  LbNA # 28702 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateFeb 7 2007
LocationPunta Gorda, FL
Found By oldhounder & Siamese
Last Found May 1 2008
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Juan Ponce de Leon c.1460-1521 was a Spanish conquistador. He accompanied Christopher Columbus on his second voyage to the Americas in 1493. In March of 1513 he set sail for "The Fountain of Youth". Instead of finding a fountain he found Florida. Landing on the shores of St. Augustine he named the new land La Florida or "place of flowers". He would leave the new land and return again in 1521 with intentions of settling a colony. He landed between Charlotte Harbor and Estero Bay with more then 200 settlers, horses, seeds, etc. Looking inland for fresh water Ponce and his men were ambushed by the Calusa tribe. Many of the settlers died but Ponce was one of few that escaped and fled back to Cuba. He died from an arrow that was shot into his thigh at the age of 61.
Take 41 south into Punta Gorda. Make a right at the first light (Marion Ave.) Follow this road through Punta Gorda Isles it will bring you right to Ponce de Leon Park.
Upon entering the park you will want to park by the Peace River Wildlife Sanctuary (by the birds). Follow the fence walking towards the Charlotte Harbor. Take a right behind the fence. There you will find a very tall birdhouse. Stand directly infront of the birdhouse (facing it). Now take about 5 side steps to the right. You should be in front of the first of several jetting fence posts. Take about three steps forward. In a tree about a foot or so off the ground is the box. Please return it to this elevation as area is subject to flooding.
Enjoy the water, nature walk, sanctuary, fishing, and soon a butterfly garden.