River Park Letterbox  LbNA # 28704

OwnerSD Kids    
Placed DateFeb 9 2007
LocationBelle Fourche, SD
Found By Judy
Last Found Apr 4 2007
Hike Distance?

All ready for summer and waiting for visitors. 6/14/11

In Belle Fourche the letter box is placed in a park by Redwater River. At this park we’ve seen the kids enjoying the sport of fishing and kayakers on the river. And it’s a great place to stroll along the edge of the river.

One of our town’s early-day industries was located across the street from this river park. A broom factory was the talk of the town back in 1911. It was March of that year E.E. Linch launched his enterprise. Brooms were loaded in wagons and shipped for sales throughout the Black Hills.

Clues: The River Park is located on Elkhorn Street and it’s a short distance from the Redwater Bridge letter box. After you find the Redwater Bridge letter box you can either walk or drive east on Elkhorn Street across the railroad tracks. On the north side of the street you will see a small park with a picnic table. In a east direction follow the side walk to an unpaved road which enters the park. Walk on this dirt road into the park and after the road turns east watch for a drainage ditch. At the pile of tree branches in the drainage ditch turn to the north direction. In about eight steps stop at a pair of tall deciduous sentries. Tucked in between these sentries you will find a ammo box. In the ammo box there is the plastic letter box with a stamp and guest book. You will need to bring an ink pad for the stamp. Please be discreet and re-hide it well. When your return to your vehicle your journey to the Ghost Town letter box starts from this parking place. Thanks, and have a great letterboxing day!
During Mosquito season you may wish to protect yourself.

Maintenance on 8/15/10 This is also a geocache container and we check both boxes when doing maintenance.