Natural Element Series  LbNA # 28708

Placed DateFeb 7 2007
LocationBelton, TX
Planted ByTexas Gal    
Found By PI Joe
Last Found Nov 1 2014
Hike Distance?

Natural Element series

This letterbox is in Overlook Park on the north side of Stillhouse Hollow Dam.
From Belton, take HWY 190 to the Stillhouse Hollow Dam exit or FM 1670. Go south or left over the bridge. The park is on the right hand side, before you cross the dam. They always have the gate closed to restrict vehicles, but you can park in front of it and walk in.

This park is frequently used by walkers and so occasionally there will be people around, so discretion is necessary.

#1 FIRE – From the Stillhouse Monument look SW and find the 4th BBQ grill near table #5. Walk into the clearing on the west side and find a solitary leaning cedar tree. Look west and find 2 cedar trees leaning. Behind the larger of the cedar trees look on the west side at the base. Please re-hide well.

#2 EARTH Go back to table #5 and head SW towards a dead tree covered in mustang grape vines. Look under some fallen branches on the south side. Please re-hide well.

#3 WATER Go to the last water fountain in the south end of the park. Look south and find 2 large china berry trees. Look approximately 6 foot up in the largest of the trees under some bark. Please re-hide well.

#4 AIR From the paved circular driveway (which you cannot drive on) head south along the paved path until you find a drainage pipe going east & west under the road. From the west side of the drainage pipe take a compass reading of 279 degrees and make a visual target at the line of trees. From that location take a 0 degree heading on 2 trees. Turn with your back to the two trees and find the leaning cedar tree. The box is behind this tree. When stamping this stamp, leave room to the right to stamp another stamp. Please re-hide well.