art night out  LbNA # 28717

Placed DateFeb 10 2007
LocationSouth Portland, ME
Found By Blueberry Beach
Last Found Jan 17 2012
Hike Distance?

Begin your search at Artascope Studios, 352 Cottage Road in SOPO

Take a tour, browse the store
Visit the studios one by one
Spend some time;
And have some fun!

Metal, beads, and jewelry have a home in studio two
And check out studio one with its stained glass, clay, and mosaics too.

Raise your elevation by 10 feet or more
And there you’ll find studios 5, 3, and 4
One has fabric and fibers galore
And the others have paper, paint, and more

In between you’ll find a comfy space
That overlooks a yummy place
Take a seat and look around
Your treasure is nearly found