Box needs first aid - see comments in Status page Cross Seminole/Cady Way Trail  LbNA # 28724

OwnerTeam Ginkgo    
Placed DateFeb 10 2007
LocationOrlando/Oviedo, FL
Found By A Davis
Last Found Mar 16 2016
Hike Distance?

We went for a marathon bike ride today to place these boxes (20 miles round trip!). Don’t worry—you don’t have to go that far to find these boxes—we went much farther than these boxes cover. Once you’ve found the first one there’s more than one way to find the other two—you choose your path: Brains or Braun. The Brains way would be taking the clues and doing some research to bypass most of the bike trails in our directions. The Braun path is taking the trail (by bike, foot, or rollerblade). You need all three stamps together to finish the image. We recommend black ink for boxes 2 & 3 and a color for box 1.

Box #1: Use the numbers 551 and 426 to find the starting park. Once you have found the park find the bench with the best vantage point of a five trunked tree. Make your way to the palm tree visible through the “U” when seated on the park bench. Once at this palm tree find the street number on the green apple. Add these four numbers together and head that number of paces (1pace = 2 steps) past and to the right of a small triangle of trees made of 1 palm and 2 oaks. Add the first three numbers from the green apple and walk that many paces in the direction of the tree that started it all. On your left should be a small cluster of trees and brush. At the center of this cluster you will find Box #1. As you can see, your stamp won’t be complete until you travel down the bike trail.

Box #2: The second box is about three miles down the bike path in the direction of 436. This is a great opportunity to travel over the big green monster pedestrian bridge. When you come to Cady Way Park you are less than a mile from Box #2. When you come upon the three mile marker you should look for a grand oak with a split trunk on your right. Search at its base to find Box #2!

NOTE: If you are up for a bit longer adventure you might want to check out the clues to the Happy Trails letterbox which can be found on this same bike path—but you’d be approaching it from the opposite direction of the clues.

Box #3: Travel back to your starting park. Continue down the bike trail past the park (in the opposite direction of Box #2)—you will be traveling about 1.5 miles from the starting park to reach the third box. When you reach the end of the Orange County Bike Trail you will need to cross to the diagonal corner of the intersection so you can begin making your way on the Cross Seminole Trail. Continue down the Cross Seminole Trail until you discover a park bench beneath a tunnel canopy of trees (If you come to a crosswalk with a light you have gone too far). Take a rest on this park bench and find the lone palm tree in front of you. Behind this tree under moss and leaves and palm fronds is where you will find the final piece to your puzzle!

Please register your find online so we know when they have been discovered and let us know if the boxes need any maintenance.