Pooh Stick Bridge  LbNA # 28729

Placed DateFeb 10 2007
LocationGardner/Alexandria, LA
Planted ByDoozers    
Found By EZoos
Last Found Mar 28 2010
Hike Distance?

The Wild Azalea Trail is near and dear to the hearts of many in Central Louisiana. It winds for a debatable 26-31 miles from Woodworth to Valentine Lake. In the spring beautiful wild azaleas bloom in abundance making the trail a special treat. The trail is especially dear to us because we were engaged on the trail on what we call Pooh Stick Bridge. To find our handmade stamp, you must follow the same trail that we did the day we were engaged in 2002. Start by driving down Hwy28 W from Alexandria towards Leesville. As the road starts to rise into the hills you will see a sign for Kisatchie National Forest and the East Kincaid Boat Ramp. Follow these signs by turning South onto Messina Rd. (Left if you are coming from Alex and Right if coming from Leesville.) Once on Messina Rd, follow the signs towards Evangeline Camp. Go Straight about 5 miles. The pavement will end at some point, but keep going, being careful to maneuver around the pot holes in the road. You will see a sign for the Wild Azalea Trail and Evangeline Camp. Turn right into the parking lot. Walk towards the restroom until you see the wild azalea trail veer off to the right marked by yellow blazes. Follow this trail for about 20 minutes (if walking at a normal pace). The trail will wind through Kisatchie National Forest. Be on the lookout for the wild azaleas, magnolias, and bay trees. You will start to walk into some bottom land with a beautiful creek to your left. The first bridge that you come to is Pook Stick Bridge. Here you may want to stop and play a game of Pooh Sticks (if you know what that it). This is where we were engaged. Walk over the bridge and up the hill to the end of the cement blocks. About 25 ft. up the trail from the blocks is a burned out stump on your right. Step behind the stump. Facing the same direction as the trail goes, you should see a hollowed out tree about 100 ft away and to the right (about 1:00). It is off of the trail. Tucked into this large hardwood is the prize. Please keep everything sealed as to avoid water damage and please send an e-mail letting us know the status of the box if you find it.