50s Jukebox series  LbNA # 28743 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerSafari Man      
Placed DateJun 2 2007
LocationLewis Center, OH
Found By GoHIo
Last Found Sep 4 2011
Hike Distance?

Difficulty: Pretty darn easy clues and walking.
Time: approx 1 hour, if you have no problems finding boxes.
Distance: ~ 1 mile round trip from parked car.
Terrain: Fairly flat with shallow ups and downs.
Note: This is a wooded area with all the hazards of a forest.....briars, fallen trees, undergrowth, poison ivy in areas, muddy places at times, and mosquitoes and ticks in the summer.... but the trails are well marked and mowed. Some boxes require travel around or through some light briars so be prepared. Maybe some adversity will keep out the muggles.
Please bring your stamp, a stamp pad, compass, pen and an old rag to wipe off the box/your hands. Bug repellent is highly desired in the summer and I believe this summer is worse than others. I got some in Okla. recently, even with the "OFF" well used.

Ok here we go. See the map at: http://www.dnr.state.oh.us/parks/parks/pdf/alumcreek606.pdf to help you with directions.

All boxes are associated with the theme of 50s Jukebox.

Make your way to the east side of the lake and take Africa Road/CR21 to the intersection with Plumb Road. This is at the S.E. end of the lake. At this intersection turn west into the parking area and gate crossing area of what used to be Plumb Road heading westward (before the lake was filled).

Note: Boxes 1, 4 and 6 have gone missing and are no longer available.
BOX 1: Park your car and start hiking the old roadway westward. Before long you will be met from the left by the all purpose trail but you will continue westward. A little ways further you will see the all purpose trail go to the right (north) and a trail marker, on the left side of your roadway, which points back toward your car. Here you will go north, from the trail marker, 37 steps, looking left for a large tree with a broken limb pointing southerly. This tree is about 8 steps off the west side of the trail and you will make your way to its back side. (Note: please make sure you are unobserved before entering the woods) From there take a look at a heading of ~ (approximately) 315* and back there you will see a 3 trunked tree amongst some other trees. Horse Trader took 25 steps, starting to the left and then circling clockwise, to reach this three trunked tree where he placed the 50s JUKEBOX LETTERBOX and first finders awards in a tan burlap sack. Please replace as and where found.

BOX 2: Go back to the all purpose trail and continue northerly, going down a slight hill and then back up to the crest and look left for a tree with 4 large limbs branching out about 6-7 feet above ground. Go 13 steps further to an animal path going right and follow this animal path 14 steps, from the trail edge, to a 4 trunked tree and find ELVIS at its base beside some briars under some limbs.

BOX 3: Back on the all purpose trail heading northerly go down a slight dip and back up to the trail marker on the left. Go past the marker 20 steps to a large forking tree on the left. From this tree turn 90º to the right and see the animal path and follow it 24 steps off the trail to the second large tree on the left. YAKETY YAK is at the base of this second tree under bark.

BOX 4: Back on the all purpose trail heading northerly circle the mud hole as best you can and pass the trail marker on the right and then the culvert 41 steps ahead. 102 steps past the culvert look for a broken, leaning tree on the left hand side of the trail. (The broken portion starts about 3 feet above ground and is presently leaning on another tree. It may fall down at some future time). Directly across the trail and 17 steps into the woods is a three trunked tree with a GATER, looking for water, at the base of the tree under limbs.

BOX 5: At this point Horse Trader and I looked on up the trail at the rather large mud hole and decided to try some other areas closer to the lake so we reversed our hike and headed back south to the old Plumb roadbed. Upon reaching the road we turned west and headed toward the lake. Not to far ahead you will be met from the left by the all purpose trail loop but you will keep going westerly toward the lake until seeing the all purpose trail jog to the north again. From the trail marker on the left, which points back toward the car, go north 89 or more steps and notice a fishing trail taking off from the left going down to the lake. Do not take it but continue northerly another 76 steps to a trail marker on the left. From this marker go another 34 steps to a tree on the left that forks 5-6 feet above ground. MAYBELLINE is at the base of this tree on the S. S.W. side accessible from the front of the tree under the bush. You will be at the edge of the trail so Please check both directions before retrieving or replacing this pouch.

BOX 6: From this tree go northerly 73 steps heading down hill and when you see the arm of the lake on the left look for a large 5 trunked tree, left of the trail down and over by the water. Go ~ 23 steps to this tree and take a heading up hill of ~ 210º and go 17 steps uphill to this tree with the vine growing up it and the bent tree on the left and straight tree on its right. BLUE SUEDE SHOES is hidden by Horse Trader behind this tree under limbs and leaves. Please re hide as and where found .

This concludes the hunt for the 50s Jukebox series and I hope you found them all and enjoyed the hunt. If you go back to the Plumb roadbed and head west to the lake you will see the view on the clue page of the A.Q. 50s Jukebox clues. Take a break and enjoy the sight of the lake. And when you get home please let me know how your day of boxing went and the condition of these letterboxes. And for the first several finders.....I hope you enjoy your prize. Rock On!!
Cordially, Glenn/Safari Man of Vincent, Ohio.