Calavera  LbNA # 28768 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateFeb 9 2007
CountySanta Fe
LocationSanta Fe, NM
Found By Da Kool Kats
Last Found Jul 24 2012
Hike Distance?

Alive and well 11-26-09! Found this great box at a gallery on the plaza, so I had to carve a stamp for it. I wish I could have found a more relevant hiding place, but to make up for it, you must take the following Day of the Dead quiz:

It is common to exchange skulls made of: 1-2-3-4-5

Altars are set up in homes, but much cleaning and decorating
takes place at the: 6-7-8-7-9-7-5-10

The most common flower used in decorating is the: 8-4-5-11-3-12-13-14

en español: 6-7-8-15-4-1-16-6-17-11-13

Pan de muerto is 18-5-7-4-14 of the dead.

Pan de muerto, skulls, tequila, flowers and other items honoring the dead are included in 12-19-5-7-20-14-4-1 (español) at the graves and in the home.

You will be looking for a kind of letterbox at the 11-20-9-7-5-1-7-6-9-11-12-20 of 1-17-7-13-18-10 and 7-4-1-9 4-13-4-8-7-14-4.
Check the corner nearest street and plaza. Be discreet! Put the box back together carefully so it doesn't wind up in pieces on the sidewalk. ¡Buen dîa de los muertos!