Clay Menagerie--new clues  LbNA # 28769

Placed DateFeb 9 2007
CountySanta Fe
LocationTesuque, NM
Found By Desert Flower
Last Found Jul 25 2013
Hike Distance?

The images for these stamps were taken from native pottery that can be viewed at the Museum of Indian Arts and Culture. For a bonus image (which you can count as a virtual find), visit the museum (there is an admission charge & good museums deserve our support) and find the pot with the image from Box #3. Email me the name of the artist to get your bonus.

Start at the intersection of Paseo de Peralta and Washington and the street opposite Washington, which is the street along which you will travel. Proceed by bike or car along this road towards Tesuque.

Note: for ease of stamping, only the last box contains a journal. Please be super discreet in retrieving, repackaging and replacing these boxes (completely out of sight!). I would love for them to last a good long time.

Box #1--Mimbres--newly recarved and replanted 11-28-09

Turn into the driveway for the retreat and spa that bears the same name as the road upon which you travel. You can park and walk or drive to the road behind the stables and tennis courts. Over a wash there is a bridge with rusty guardrails. Opposite side from the 25 mph equestrian, second SE post.

Box #2--Zuni--confirmed alive & well 11-27-09

Continue along the original road until just before 1394. Be a guardrail inspector. You can pull off and park between the end of the guardrail that houses the box and the box that represents 1394. What is this guy? mosquito-bird? Stamp the large image first, then add the neck on with the end impression.

Box #3--Laguna

Another mile or so will bring you to the gateway to a famous foundry and sculpture garden. Check the end of red crosspiece nearest the SE red pivot. Do take the time to stroll the gardens and enjoy the wonderful sculpture here. If you plan your visit well, you can tour the factory and watch a bronze pour, an elemental and impressive spectacle of creativity. (Send image artist name for bonus stamp!)

Box #4--Zia--newly recarved and replanted 11-28-09

Travel back the way you came on the main road. Turn right at the first signal light you come to and Park. Proceed to furthest SE span and go almost to other side. At twelfth rusty upright, sit and admire the view. Reach down to the open end of steel crossbeam--NO BUTTERFINGERS!!!--it's a bit tricky, but should be worth the trouble. Please be careful replacing.

Happy Hunting!