Praire Dog  LbNA # 28780 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerDelta Dawn    
Placed DateFeb 9 2007
LocationLubbock, TX
Found By Astro D
Last Found Jul 17 2009
Hike Distance?

Praire Dog letter box was placed as part of the expedition of Faith Family and Vogel Family.

Hope you have fun.

Praire Dogs are an important part of the eco system. We hope Praire Dog fun letter box gets replaced soon but we felt it was important to have a praire dog box.

The Prairie Dog grounds are part of the tourist stops for Lubbock visitors. When you arrive at the prairie dog park looking at the marker and read the info turn South (right) and follow the wall to the end. Where the wall meets the other wall and goes around the back side of the praire dog field in the corner at the ground level is a small hole that has a rock covering the small gap that contains the letterbox. Happy Letterboxing! Email updates to