Windmill  LbNA # 28781 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerDelta Dawn    
Placed DateFeb 9 2007
LocationLubbock, TX
Found By bednarz blast
Last Found Jul 29 2007
Hike Distance?

The Windmill museum is a noted tourist location for Lubbock. It was part of our expediation with the Faith Family and Vogels.

NOTE: Just found out (5 08) that the museum is only open from May to September. After your tour of the museum ($5 person, $10 family is recommended donation- and well worth it- some very historical windmills even sought by the Smithosian). Take a break before treking to the windmills in the field on the back patio area near the front door is a bench. The bench has a wooden slate seat but the legs are metal and the leg in the corner contains the magnetic box that holds the windmill letterbox.

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