The_Secret_ Garden  LbNA # 28799

Placed DateFeb 13 2007
LocationJacksonville, NC
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Hike Distance?

To find this box you must pass a large dragon as you travel on thru J'ville via Hwy 17/24 past BellFork Rd.
Then RIGHT soon you will again have to make the decision to not get all "FIRED UP" as you pass an "Oassis"
Instead, continue on to the adventures that are LEFT ahead of you!

What is not a park but children can be found there most days of the week?
It shares its name with a former marine made famous in the 80’s and a forest ( although it has few trees! )

When you find it turn in, drive straight back and park in the last spot.
As you scan the tree line consider the cliché used to tell someone you will worry about an event when it actually happens.

Go up a slight hill and bare left and make your way thru the tunnel to the clearing.
Walk towards the footbridge and turn left just before you cross it, follow along the edge as it snakes along a few feet.
When you hear babbling you are in the right spot.
From there continue along the edge 12 more steps and look at the base of the nearest tree under a rock!