A Beautiful Day For A Boat Ride  LbNA # 28830

Placed DateFeb 16 2007
LocationCamp Lejeune, NC
Found By Couple of Faith
Last Found Apr 1 2010
Hike Distance?

*** Parts of this trail can be muddy - Make sure you have on comfortable shoes. This is a nice and easy, albeit long, hike.
(It took me two hours, but I was admiring the scenery along the way!!)
**** (If you enjoy nature and the wildlife, this is a great place to take along binoculars and a camera!!!)

After passing Camp Lejeune, scan the Right side of the roadway for a large block busting thru the tree line and make a Right.
Down the street, on the Left, you will see a shelter and then a playground.Turn Right at the playground, drive to the end and park.

As you exit your car,keep a watchfull eye on the ramp in front of you...what's that breaking the surface of the water...? IT'S AN ALLIGATOR MISSISSIPPIENSIS!!!
Quick...Break Left and Follow the boardwalk, all the way to the end and bare Right.
Go up the slight hill,(Smile and wave to anyone watching!!), and make a Right.
Make your First Right, then the next Left,continue on past the Loblolly tree, (Well marked!), and around the curve.
Cross the boardwalk and make an immediate Right at the end.
Follow around Two Left Curve’s, bare Right and then Right again.......ahhhh it's an Alligator, turn around and run back to the path make a Right and stay straight.
Cross the boardwalk, turn Right go past the Sweet Gum tree and stay to the Right.
Follow the Right edge of the tree line around the clearing and get on the paved path to your Right.
(Up ahead is a picnic table if you are ready for lunch - just don’t drop any crumbs!!!)
Stay on the path until you reach a large opening and then follow tree line to the Left and make a Left onto the gravel path.
Stand on the Left side of the yellow marking, turn a quarter of the way around, counter clock wise.
Walk straight across, around one tree that is in the way, to the short metal sign post on the other side. Just past this post, go Right onto the path and follow down and around to the left onto another wide path.
At the First Curve, stay straight onto a narrowed trail making your first Right.
Start scanning ground on the Left for a patch of ferns.
Take ten steps off the trail directly across from the ferns.
Diagonally across from two large trees joined just above the ground, is a cement slab.
Under the slab is a well earned box!!

Following the trail all the way to the end, make a Left, and a short walk down the road puts you back where you started from!!