Texas Wildlife Series  LbNA # 28836

Placed DateFeb 16 2007
LocationDaingerfield, TX
Planted ByJKC    
Found By Campnqueen
Last Found Mar 14 2013
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* Note: The boxes destroyed by the recent controlled burn have been replaced. Thanks for your patience.

This series is located in the Daingerfield State Park. For a map of the park, go to: http://www.tpwd.state.tx.us/publications/pwdpubs/media/park_maps/pwd_mp_p4508_030b.pdf
There is a small entrance fee to enter the park for adults, but children under 12 are free. It is a really nice park with a great walking trail around the lake. They also offer paddleboat and canoe rentals. Be prepared, as the trail around the lake is about 2.5 miles. It's well worth it though; it's a beautiful walk. Bring your markers!

To the boxes:
First orient yourself to the Dogwood Camping Area and park near the restrooms. You will see a sign for the beginning of the Nature Trail. Start here.

1. Heron - as you begin your walk, you will make a slight incline, and the trail will meander. Walk until you reach a bench on your right side. From the middle of the bench, count 44 paces. There will be a hardwood on your right only a few steps off the trail. From the trail, look at approximately 160 degrees on your compass. There is a large pine here about 10 paces off the trail with a sapling on the NE side. The box is between these two trees under the usual stuff.

2. Bass - continue on the trail. You will see another bench on your right. Keep going. The trail will curve to the right, and you will see the lake clearly on your right. You will come to a small clearing with lots of pine trees scattered and another bench. (One of the seat slats had recently been replaced when we were last there.) There is a large pine tree about a pace back from the bench. Stand facing the bench, with the pine behind you, about 1/2 way between the bench and the tree. Look to your left and you will see a trail and a small wooden footbridge. Walk to the bridge. Stop just before reaching the bridge and turn back around. Walk 19 paces and look to your right. You will see a pine tree split into 2 trunks about 3 paces off the trail. The box is behind this tree under the usual stuff.

3. Frog - walk back to the bridge. Cross the bridge. From the bridge edge, walk 40 paces. There is a post with a label that says 'chinkapin oak'. From this sign, walk 22 paces. On your right, you will see a pine with a small hardwood between it and the trail. The box is between these 2 trees.

4. Grasshopper - continue on the trail until you reach some smaller low bridges. Continue on and you will soon come to another bridge. If you look across the lake, you will clearly see the bath house and the swimming platform. Cross this bridge. From the edge of the bridge, count 52 paces. On your right, you will see a downed tree. On your left, you will see a hardwood split into 2 trunks. Look at about 315 degrees on your compass, and you will see a pine with another smaller pine right next to it. It is about 12 steps off the trail. The box is between these 2 trees under the usual stuff.

5. Rattler - continue on the trail, and you will soon reach another bench. Continue to the causeway/dam. Just before reaching the causeway, look down to your left and you will see a square stone on the ground with a number 1 on the top. From this stone, count 47 paces to yet another bench. Continue on, counting 89 paces again to another bench. Face the lake and the boathouse, and look at approximately 110 degrees on your compass. There is a pine just off the trail. The box is on the lake-side of this pine under pine straw.

6. Armadillo - continue on the trail, and you will come to a high bridge over swampy water. From the wood bench, you can clearly see the boathouse and the dock across the water. Cross the bridge, and when you get to the other side, look straight ahead. There are some pines and a lone cedar. The box is at the base of the cedar on the other side.

7. Deer - from the bridge edge turn right, counting off 58 paces. (The lake will be on your right.) Look slightly ahead, and you will see a grouping of pine trees. There is a pine tree with a large vine curling around toward the left. Look between where the vine and tree meet at the ground under the usual stuff for the box.

8. Lizard - continue on the trail until you reach the end. You will see a brown painted post that has the number '2' painted on. Stand at the post, and turn back around facing the trail. You will see the trail from which you came and another that veers slightly to the right. Take the trail to the right (NW), counting 20 paces. On your left, there is a large pine with a smaller hardwood on it's right. The box is between these two trees.

If you're planning on looking for the 'Danger' box, you can catch it on your way back to your car.

Please be sure to reseal all the boxes well and rehide them! Thanks!