Placed DateFeb 13 2007
CountyCayman Islands
LocationQueen Elizabeth II Botanical Park, Bodden Town, CAY
Found By 3TexPats
Last Found Mar 30 2015
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Queen Elizabeth II Botanical Park
Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

Note: This is an extremely easy, kid-friendly letterbox--your total walk is about 1/3 mile. It also happens to be our first placement, so we'd appreciate experienced feedback. We're pretty excited about it, so let us hear from you.


Go to where Cayman's "Blue Dragons" roam.
Rent a car (not a taxi!) if Cayman's not your home.

Pay for your ticket and park your car--
the Blue Dragon letterbox is not too far.

1st stop's the Visitors' Center where there's plenty to do.
Say hi to the parrots and ride the Giant Blue!

Go 'round back to a courtyard serene.
Check out the little waterfall (maybe visit the latrine*).

Find the entrance to the Woodland Trail.
Follow signs to the "Iguana Pens" and you cannot fail.

You'll walk a nice flat path, keeping your eyes peeled wide.
Wild iguanas, pretty birds, and cool plants can be spied.

When you arrive at the Blue Iguana Pens,
take a look around--they can be your friends.

Say goodbye to the dragons and just walk on
to find "Crocodile Hole" and "High Spring Pond."

Next keep an eye out for the tree you must not touch.
If you disobey its sign, it will hurt you very much!

Move along to find the pond of Kary.
You'll see a "swamp" too, but it's not at all scary.

Head on to the big gazebo where wild iguanas like to roam.
Inside, learn about talking plants that call Grand Cayman home.

Continue along, after a rest.
Remember to look out for little birdies' nests.

Pass "Little Cayman" and the bush that only once bloomed.
Read the sign and move on . . . don't get entombed.

Giant plants call "Cactus Country" home--
were these things around when dinos roamed???

You're coming close to the end of your quest.
The treasure you seek lies in "Epiphyte Forest."

From its wooden sign, go 20 paces more
(if you're a kid . . . maybe 34).

There's a clearing on the left with nice open space:
some trees and some rocks, but no brush at their base.

Leave the path and walk straight left (ESE) 23 paces--
now you should have excitement on your bright faces.

Look for a tree at the back with a nice thick trunk--
there are rocks at its base but no other natural junk.

Go to the back side of the tree and remove the rock from its hollow
(about 18" up off the ground is a good guide to follow).

The rock fits inside like a glove, and the box is underneath . . .
to all our Letterboxing friends, this prize we bequeath.

If you are one of the lucky first 4,
you're welcome to take one prize (no more).

If you find our box on this pleasant trail,
we would really appreciate a nice email.

*Actually a very nice, clean, indoor restroom facility!