Fitness Trail ~~~checking this one~~~  LbNA # 28883 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateFeb 20 2007
LocationNorth Port, FL
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Myakka State Forest is not to be confused with the state park in Sarasota. This one is in North Port on S. River Road. look for the clue to the box "Flower in the Rough" to find more directions. These 2 boxes are close by each other.
You pay only $1.00 per person in your car as you enter the forest. Take an envelope and put your money in it then put your money in the deposit slot.
This is not a designated fitness trail but I thought taht if you do these boxes and keep following trails after you stamp in then you will get a good workout in. Fitness is important. Try to fit it into everything you do.

Clue: Find the first picnic area as you enter the park. Park here. Follow the concrete path till you come to a bend and see a dirt path straight ahead. Take this. Pass 3 picnic tables. See a clearing. Take a Left down the grassy path. Come to a fork bear right. Do not go down the path though. stand here and look to the left. You will see a wide stumped palm tree in the woods a bit. Go to this tree and stop. look to the right of the palm (as you are facing it) and the box will be in a bush up around eye level.

Please rehide well. and place in same spot so others can find it easily. Please re-bag the logbook and stamp so they do not get wet.
You will need your own pen and marker or inkpad to stamp in.Thanks and enjoy the rest of the forrest! They have some long hiking traisl a couple miles long. Go to the website that is listed on ym other box to find a map you can print of the state forest