Favorite Games - Scrabble  LbNA # 28890

OwnerOutdoor Girls    
Placed DateFeb 20 2007
LocationColumbia, MO
Found By Swagetry
Last Found Apr 2 2016
Hike Distance?

We made this Letterbox for a Mid-MO LB Gathering we attended. The theme of the Gathering was favorite games.
A special shout out goes to ahistory for assisting in the planting of this box!

Now on to the clues:

Hint: Unscrabble the letters when needed.

Find CORTPRO KAPR in ONAHSRETHT Columbia, Missouri.

Once there, find the small Sweet Gum tree dedicated to Bonnie. Go 13 paces at 330º to a small forked tree all by itself. Look between the forked trunks at 310º and find a path leading towards RABE ERKEC. The path will take you to a crude concrete low water crossing. Use this if the water is not too high. The path continues on the other side but only go a few paces up the trail before stopping to admire a flat but angular rock protruding slightly across the right side of your path. Standing on this rock go 8 paces at 70º to a large guardian at the base of a rocky ledge. Continue parallel to the ledge at 134º to a cluster of trees hugging the hillside. If you stop uphill from this cluster you will notice a unique phenomenon. Just above eye level, the large trunk branches shortly and merges in a way with the smaller trunk of a different type of tree. Once you are done admireing the trees, turn around and face the rocky ledge. Under the most overhanging part you will see a set of false shelves which hide your prize. Please be discreet when accessing this box. Although the park isn't very busy, this location overlooks the park and is highly visible, especially in winter. And, as always, please rehide well so none of the box is showing.