The Rose and the Tomato Farmer  LbNA # 28900

Ownerjb kokopelli    
Placed DateFeb 21 2007
LocationJacksonville, TX
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These two boxes have a lot of special meaning to me. They are dedicated to my grandparents. Without them, my dad would never have been born, and therefore I would not be here either. I placed both of these boxes on my dad’s birthday and they are both located adjacent to the farm that my grandparents owned and then sold to my dad.
My parents still own the old homeplace where my dad was born and raised.

To start the journey to this special place, you will first need to find your way to the community called Afton Grove. If you start in at the intersection of Highways 69 and 79 in Jacksonville, you will go North on Hwy 79 for approximately 4.1 miles and start looking for the signs for CR 4208 or Afton Grove. It will be right past Joe Smith’s Plant Farm. You will turn left on CR 4208 and soon will see the Afton Grove Baptist Church where all 3 generations have attended. Right past the church you will come to an intersection of 5 roads, 1 road that you are on, 1 road that goes right, 1 road that goes left, 1 road that is a driveway and the 5th road is the one that you need to take. It is actually just CR 4208 continuing straight across. From this intersection you will drive .9
miles to a T junction. This junction is CR 4221. You will turn right. The road is a dirt road from here on out. The total distance from this point to the Lost Rose is .7 miles. Before you get to the letterbox you will go around a 90 degree turn that goes to the left and then down a large hill. At the .7 mile mark there will be another 90 degree turn that will go right, but instead of turning right you will turn left and park at a gate. This is the entrance to the family farm. If you look past the gate you will see a corral and barn. My grandparents house used to be located there and my dad was born at that site. There used to be a school up near the church and my dad and his 6 younger sisters (that’s right he was the only son and the oldest) had to climb that hill that you just drove down everyday to go to school. OK enough history, the Lost Rose of Jacksonville box is located between the tall pine tree near where you parked and the tree in front of it. This box is for my grandmother who loved roses. She passed away when I was in 5th grade,
but I still have a lot of wonderful memories of her. One of my neatest memories of her is helping her to make her own homemade ketchup. She was a wonderful lady who I truly

The next box is the Lost Tomato Farmer of Jacksonville which is a tribute to my grandfather. He passed away when I was two. He was a tomato farmer all of his life and
he worked the land with his wife and 7 children. My dad tells a lot of stories about him, but I wish I could remember him. This box is for him. From the Lost Rose Box, drive around the 90 degree turn in the direction that you were originally driving. You will go exactly .1 mile from the Lost Rose box and then stop on the side of the road (by the way this is the road less traveled. To your left should be a fence and a gate on the opposite side of the fence that is perpendicular to the road. You will see a large double trunk tree next to the fence. The Lost Tomato Farmer is quietly sitting there waiting for harvest.

Enjoy and please make sure that the lids are on tight. Watch out for snakes and make sure that the boxes are hidden,