The Sunflower  LbNA # 28902

Ownerjb kokopelli    
Placed DateFeb 22 2007
LocationAlto, TX
Found By (hidden)
Hike Distance?

The Sunflower Letterbox is located in the Alto City Cemetery. To get to the cemetery, if you are coming from Jacksonville on Hwy 69 turn right on Rusk St which is the street right before the Dairy Queen, then make another quick right. There will be a large water tower on your left and the signed entrance to the cemetery will be on your right. Enter here. Drive on the grassy road until you see a historical marker for Robert F Mitchell. It
is fairly small but is on the side of the road on your left. Read the historical marker and then look up. You will see a large cedar tree. Walk to the SE corner of the cedar. Look down and you will notice that there is a cement wall around the cedar. If you look close
at the base of the cedar you will see two fairly large headstones. Now back to the SE corner you will notice two bricks. The sunflower is trying to get to the sun through the bricks.

Please make sure to place the lid on tight and make sure that the letterbox is well hidden.