Mt Whitney Fish Hatchery  LbNA # 28907

Placed DateFeb 18 2007
LocationIndependence, CA
Planted ByParrrot Head jmo    
Found By ungust
Last Found Aug 18 2010
Hike Distance?

Notice as of August 2007: In the past month or so the Mt Whitney Fish Hatchery suffered major damage due to mud slides that affected all of the Oak Creek area. At this time the Fish Hatchery is still closed (to the best of my knowledge) and I have been unable to check on the box, It is likely destroyed or missing.

This box is located at the historic Mt Whitney Fish Hatchery in Independence. My best friend lived there when I was growing up and I spent many a weekend riding my bike and running all around the grounds. I have been lucky to get to take my daughter there on weekends when she was young too.

To get to the fish hatchery head approximately 2 miles North of Independence and turn west on Fish Hatchery road. When you approach the fish hatchery turn right into the facility and then veer right when the road splits to the visitors parking lot. There is no parking available for visitors by the houses so if you forget to turn in the parking lot, turn around and go back.

After you have parked enter the grounds and make your way to the big pond. Start your hunt at the south east end of the pond by the food machine. (Make sure you bring a lot of quarters for the food machines to feed all the fish!!!). Walk around the pond towards the left; towards the building. Keep following the path around the pond until you get to the next food machine and a rock bench.

Keep going past this area and you will see a wooden bridge ahead of you. About 8 feet or so before the wood bridge there is a pipe and a faucet on the left hand side. Up above this faucet is a short tree stump. The letterbox is behind some rocks under the stump.

Happy hunting!